Another Scientology Scam

An article regarding another Scientology scam, this time involving locking the public out of walking trails.

Perhaps they are worried that the locals might witness the little green men from outer space paying visits.


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The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been denied being able to be a corporation in SA.

“I am satisfied that the proposed incorporated association merely presents as having a religious purpose, but is a sham religion or a parody of religion,” she wrote."

Perhaps they should investigate Scientology to see just what a sham religion looks like.

At least The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster does not appear to be causing the problems that Scientology has frequently been reported as causing.

I cannot see that this has any relevance to scientology other than both occasionally reference religion.
Scientology is a profit making con that uses the cover of religion to draw in suckers and avoid tax. The Church of FSM is a non-profit running joke that is quite benign; blessed be His Noodliness.

How many need to believe life is just one big joke for it to be an equal to any other religion?

Some would say there is no scientific evidence for any. Although there are well founded scientific studies of human behaviour and our relationship with humour.

Wisdom and comedy be Her Noodliness, and all that follow!