Annual multi-trip travel insurance compared

Planning to head overseas more than once over the next year? Our annual multi-trip travel insurance review will help you compare policies and get the cover you need.

Have an experience with multi-trip travel insurance? Please share it in the comments below.


When assessing policies please add information re suitable policies for the over 65’s: I recently went to renew annual multi-trip policy with 1Cover Travel Insurance and they advised me that they do not provide such policies for those over 65 years old, regardless of their current health and travel insurance history. Columbus Direct have provided such a policy and I hope to continue using them as they will provide such policies for people up to 70 years old.


An interesting article regarding travel insurance.


We get multi trip travel insurance through Tony Bembrose (think that is how it is spelled) for <$400 per year. Have not yet had to claim but seems good and worth it if you are travelling OS (or even within Oz) more than once a year


As this topic has been dormant for some years and may be out of date, and thus misleading, discussions about travel insurance can be continued in one of the current topics such as

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