Annual IgNobel Prizes awarded

The Journal of Improbable Research has just made its annual awards.

Some of the major prizes this year went to:

Acoustics: A Chinese Alligator in Heliox: Formant Frequencies in a Crocodilian
Psychology: Eyebrows Cue Grandiose Narcissism
Economics: National Income Inequality Predicts Cultural Variation in Mouth to Mouth Kissing
Materials Science: Experimental Replication Shows Knives Manufactured from Frozen Human Feces Do Not Work

If you want to know just how famous scientists (the presenters are all genuine Nobel Prize winners) behave during lockdown have a look.

On a slightly more serious note, if you have ever considered if advertisements that lead with
“University tests prove …”
have anything useful to contribute that answer also will be found (after some research) at the above link.