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Andrew Forrest Bitcoin Scam


I came across the following articles this morning which claim to be about an interview with Andrew Forrest on The Project program on ABC TV.

How could anyone go wrong with Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Future getting glowing endorsements by the likes of Andrew Forrest, Richard Branson & Bill Gates?

Oops. Andrew Forrest did not give any such recommendation.

And the video clip which claims to show Richard Branson and Bill Gates discussing Bitcoin Evolution or Bitcoin Future at CES 2019 is actulayy about them talking about Bitcoin.

(See warning below before clicking on this link){htmlPx}&action=

And I can’t quite figure out how the Banker’s Cheque for $4,500 is dated 19.11.2004 which is over 4 years before Bitcoin launched.

The whole sordid story is simalar to thie scam involning Harry Triguboff earlier this year.

Now what was the warning the authorities continually quote?

Oh, That;s right. “If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is”.

I think I will past up on this opportunity to"get rich quick".



If one has a web security suite, it may identify website (the secure advice .com) links as a potentially malicious site…

I possibly wouldn’t be clicking on such links.


A bold scam. I noted that they’ve made a pretty poor attempt to rip off the ABC site too.


As there is no mention of the scam as yet on Scamwatch , I have just reported it to them.

Hopefully they will act promptly instead of just adding the victims to their scam statistics.


Apparently the ABC knew about the scam way back in April.

Why on earth did they not alert Scamwatch when they even have the link in their warning, or did Scamwatch fail to act?

Ane even Hugh Jackman has been targeted by the scam.

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From early May at least I kept seeing clickbait advertisements like this (usually Andrew Forrest) in Facebook. I checked and found they were fake, and so each time they appeared reported to facebook as Fake/scam. Received a few acknowledgements. I understand that in Facebook you can get paid if you advertise and it receives many clicks - don’t know who pays! So there’s no reason for Facebook to discourage fake ads!


It will be 1 week tomorrow since I reported the Andrew Forrest Bitcoin Scam to Scamwatch and there is still no warning on their website.

However, there is a link to another cryptocurrency scam at the top of the items on the right-hand side of their homepage.


Another article from the ABC News website regarding the same scam that may be easier to read.

If you want a good laugh, Google “Coinexx” and look at all the five star reviews plus one offering to get your money back.

And some 8 days after I contacted Scamwatch regarding the Andrew Forrest Bitcoin Scam, the ACCC have still done nothing regarding warning consumers.

Perhaps they prefer that more people get scammed so as to increase the dollar amount in their next advice as to how much consumers have lost.



Wow. Now Hugh Jackman has also appeared on The Project to share details of his latest 'investment".


It is now 15 days since i reported this scam to Scamwatch and they still have not issued a warning.

However, I did notice a link to an article on the right hand side of their homepage which is another version of the scam starring Waleed Ally and Israel Folau.

I deleted my previous post above regarding the one involving James Packer as the link mysteriously changed from the scam to what appears to be a genuine article.

I presume that James Packer was not impressed at being used in the scam and ensured it was changed.


And now we have the US version of this grubby scam.


Hmmm. A person’s use in such a scam has a certain cachet, an assessment that you’ve made it as a recognised successful businessperson. There must be a bunch of disappointed billionaires. Warren Buffett would be next up …


And another US version starring Tom Hanks.

I suppose they will have Trump or the Pope next.


You never know @Fred123, it could also be you.


Or you perhaps?.. . .


How stange.

The link has now changed to what appears to be a legitimate article just like the James Packer article did.

I wonder if these smammer parasites are infecting actual articles on the internet or whether highly influentical persons manage to get the scams targeting them removed.

Either way if offers some protection for those who may succumb to these “get poor quick” scams.


It could be that they are hacking multiple official or semi-official sites, especially if the have found a way in via a company running multiple domains. That type of access would allow them to hijack random pages, and it would be tricky to track down until a report comes in and the problem is addressed. Just a guess.