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Amazon Prime Day: Best electronic buys

Some top-scoring items in our reviews are on sale for Amazon Prime Day:


thanks for the list of good buys. It is always problematic to select the really good deals out of the panoply of available sale products.


Are there a lot of Australian Prime members? I know there is a free trial, but would be interested to know whether the Australian Amazon was picking up business.

Based on the sign ups to the Prime streaming which is a part of Prime membership as well, I think there are many. It also gives access to Amazon Music, and a selection of the Kindle Library of books as part of the benefits.

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I’m a Prime user. I signed up initially for the video streaming, and have subsequently gained benefit from Prime Reading and Prime Music, as well as free shipping on a shedload of items. For $59 a year, its good value. We also get 5GB storage but thats not really enough for anything so I dont use it. I looked at the Prime Day bargains, and the only one that attracted my attention were the cheap Echo Dots. Didnt buy though.