Amateur Radio ICOM IC7000 only 6 years old and warranty

I purchased a Amateur radio from a Dealer of ICOM Amateur Radios around 6 years ago.
It has suddenly stopped working. The dealer has closed down. I sent the radio directly to ICOM Australia who wants a copy of the receipt to fix it under warranty. I cannot find the receipt. Does that mean under Australian consumer law that I can’t get it fixed under warranty without a receipt? ICOM was able to find the date of manufacturer as 2013 but not who imported it. I believe it should be working after 6 years as it is a robust mobile model.


Hello @tubb1952.
Sometimes a record of payment can be used. If paid by credit card, a statement entry giving details of the business you bought the radio from.
BTW, that sounds like a pretty good warranty. 6 years.

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Hi @tubb1952, welcome to the community.

Receipts are one way to prove proof of purchase. There are others such as those outlined on the ACCC website:

Proof of purchase can be reasonably asked for by a business for warranty claims. Without proof of purchase, a business has the right to deny a warranty or consumer guarantee claim.

I can’t comment of whether the life of the radio is reasonable or not. Being a specialist bit of kit, most wouldn’t know. If there is an Amateur Radio association, they might be able to give an indication of a reasonable fault free period.


It appears if a product was registered when purchased the ‘importers warranty’ for an amateur radio is 5 years.

As for establishing it was an Australian model that can be discovered from the serial number and whether it has Australian approval marks on it. See their FAQ here.

Between date of manufacture and being an Australia approved box, and charge details, you might have a decent case to pursue warranty service, especially if you have evidence you purchased it within the previous 5 years.