Amart Furniture - Endurocover -Leather Look

I have paid a deposit on an Amart Furniture Optimus 2 lounge suite.

When we were discussing the product with the salesman we referred to it as leather.

When we got home I looked the product up on there website and they referred to it as leather-look.

It is covered in a product called endurocover.

I googled he word endurocover and nothing came up on the web.

That seems a bit odd!

Does anybody know what endurocover is?


It could be PU Leather ie it is just polyurethane and no leather at all or it could be bicast which is leather (usually just a thin poor quality leather) covered by polyurethane which is coloured and often textured to look like leather.

Bicast can seperate at the layers leaving a bubble like appearance, the PU can crack over time leaving a craze like pattern. It can like any synthetic tend to gas out so leaves a chemically smell in the room until it no longer leaches the chemicals out.

I have not come across the name before and it could just be vinyl (PVC).


Welcome to the Community @Gritty

Endurocover was a Super-A-Mart trademark that appears to have lapsed.

You may be interested in this few years old Whirlpool post.

The bottom line is it appears to be a synthetic, not leather. If it is a variation on what is called ‘PU (bonded) leather’ that is worse than a synthetic in my experience.

You apparently put a deposit on a synthetic product and can chose to keep your order or ask for a refund since you stated you referred to it as leather to the sales person, and if the sales person did not correct you that would be misrepresentation as a reasonable person would have accepted that as implicitly confirming it was leather.

I hope this is helpful. Please let us know how you go.