Aloe Vera Tissues

I wonder if Choice has done a review of Aloe Vera tissues.
I recently bought a box of tissues that were labelled Aloe Vera but felt like sandpaper. The brand name was Allure.
I was wondering if “Aloe Vera” has just become a marketing ploy without actually having any aloe vera in it?
It could even be an entrant for next year’s Shonky.


Hi @Irmagherd, welcome to the community.

Choice has tested Allure Aloe Vera tissues (member content)…

In relation to softness, as tissues are dry the tissue material will have more of an impact rather than any added aloe vera.


Thank you


Sandpaper doesn’t sound helpful. Can anyone explain what benefit dry Aloe Vera tissues have?
Might it be practical to use Vitamin E cream or pawpaw ointment barrier around your nose with normal tissues? Av option is Aldi’s Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment with Aloe Vera - under $3. Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment | ALDI Australia .