Almond milk test

Recently there have been claims of carrageenan in almond milk, but so far the only brands I have seen to be so accused are not in Aus. Is there any independent assessment of almond milk here? Is this something Choice would consider for testing, along with the other alternative milks?


Up until a year ago I was buying almond milk for my daughter and she specifically requested that it should not contain carrageenan. Only 1 of 3 brands carried in Woolworths had no carrageenan and the Aldi product also had carrageenan. Perhaps this has changed but it must be recent.

I have never seen carrageenan listed in any of them, certainly supposed to be none in the ones I buy from W’s / Coles. The issues in US are not only the carrageenan not being stated at all in ingredients, but also the high % of it.

Thanks for the request @mudpuppy, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

@BrendanMays Thanks!
Someone suggested to me that because almond milk is a necessary alternative for those with allergies / illness, the content would be monitored or checked. It would be nice to think so.


Here’s our review of almond milk @mudpuppy -

While we didn’t uncover any carrageenan issues, we did find the almond content was quite low in some brands.

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Low, yes very low as almost to the point of being irrelevant to the contents in the container. Drinking water probably does more…sarcastic I know but nearly the truth.

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