All kinds of home office gear

Major businesses everywhere are asking staff to work from home. There’s a huge need for fair tests of typical home office equipment: desks, chairs, laptops, headsets, monitors, etc etc.

Is it still the case that in many companies and especially government agencies there is an OHS role that selects products and works with each individual regarding home office arrangements, from products to safety and their certifications of same? One of the background issues is that the company is responsible for a workers welfare whether working in office or at home - unless this changed recently.

For the rest, or negotiating with OHS, I hope the following links are useful as a starting point to your interests, probably shared by a rapidly increasing number of workers.

desks: There is a standard AS/NZS 4442:2018 and advice on ergonomics and features - but what might be important in an office might not be in a home, and vice versa. It seems the following link might suffice as a buyers guide?

chairs: Very individual, so excepting for them meeting standards how to do? This ‘guide may be useful’.

as well as this from the manufacturers

desktops and laptops:

headsets: Choice has tested headphones but not headsets, that I can find.

monitors: The last test seems to be from 2017, hardly current.


home networking: