All-in-one desktop computer review

Our desktop computer review (member content) looks at performance, features and display screens for both Windows and Mac computers. We also have a desktop computer buying guide to explain the different types of computers on offer, the features and what to look out for when shopping around.

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Apologies, but I have only just gotten to this post (so it may be a bit late to change).

May I suggest that instead of calling it a review of ‘desktop’ computers, you call it a review of ‘all-in-one’ computers.

Desktop computers come in all shapes and sizes (from tower down to mini-ITX form factor). I assume many people will, like me, be looking for a lot more from a review of ‘desktop computers’ than is covered there.

This review is of just one subclass of desktop computers, hence the name needs changing.


Thanks for the feedback @meltam. I’ve changed the title of this thread and will see if we can change the article too