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Aldi salt grinder


That is not a terribly satisfactory way to deal with faulty products under the ACL. I would have expected that the stores would have been able to process a reasonable warranty claim, no matter when the product was purchased. Having a store refuse to deal with a claim and for a number to be called is a bit like sending a customer to the manufacturer saying that the it isn’t the retailer’s problem. I wonder if Aldi uses this approach to discourage (reduce number of) warranty claims.

It is also interesting that the Aldi Website says as it appears they don’t want to deal with warranty claims and are trying to push customers to the manufacturer where possible…

“At ALDI, we never want a faulty product, but unfortunately this happens from time to time. Many of our Special Buys come with a manufacturer’s warranty that can last for one or more years. ALDI recommends that If you experience a fault or defect with a product that has a manufacturer’s warranty, you can contact the manufacturer’s helpline for assistance. The number is stated on the packaging and paperwork included with your product and on the product itself. You are also entitled to return to your local ALDI store with the faulty product and acceptable proof of purchase for an alternative remedy.”

The website however does say …one can return the an 'ALDI store with the faulty product and acceptable proof of purchase for an alternative remedy.”

I would be taking a copy of Aldi website on Warranty claims back to the store and requesting a resolution under the ACL.


I have returned items to ALDI long after 1 month and have received full refunds on the spot, and as I noted in the post to Buzz3 above everyone can have differing experiences with all suppliers of goods.

I hope you get a successful resolution to the problem. Putting your demand more formally ie citing ACL and requesting the outcome desired and getting the refund from the store or giving a time frame for the expected response is a step you should take eg if you want repair or replacement instead.

As @phb notes ALDI should refund or resolve the issue at a store if that is your desired outcome.


Avoid this problem in the future… get Olsson’s salt. When you rub their salt between your fingers you get fine grains.


Crickey! We’ve been using this product for a couple of years. I’m going to check out my grinder and see if it has done the same. Interestingly, Coles sell a very similar product but the lid is harder to get off, which is why we’ve been purchasing the Aldi one. Now I’m wondering if the Coles grinder does the same…??


The same grinder refilled or new grinders purchased when empty?

If you have a grinder, it would also be interesting to know if it says for single use only or not to be refilled.


Just buy a quality salt and pepper grinder with a ceramic mill. These last a very long time and are perfectly safe. It is wasteful to buy a pre-packed rubbish grinder which gets thrown away after it is empty and obviously is not refillable due to the cheap grinding component. It is far cheaper to buy pepper and salt for grinders in bulk as well.


From our experience and as I noted above in a couple of posts yes they do. The products at the cheaper and sometimes not so cheap end of the market have similar plastic/acrylic components that wear in the same way. It is a cost saving feature for the producer of the products. I think they most likely don’t intend for them to be refilled most times but we as consumers try to save some money by buying one and then buying the cheaper bulk packets of consumables to refill them with.

Some grinders have press fitted lids that are hard to remove so you would assume the intent was not to be refilled, but I do know some people do refill them after prying the lids off. Others have easy to screw off lids but have the shrink wrap that goes past the bulk of the lid so maybe the intent is to stop refilling (easily bypassed by removing the shrink wrap), and finally you have some that are just easy to screw off lids. All the ones I have seen say nothing about refilling either to say yes or no to that. I guess a situation of it’s up to the purchaser to take the risk from the manufacturer’s point of view.


We buy a new salt grinder every time. Aldi do occasionally sell the salt by itself but its sold in huge bags which would take us forever to get through, therefore we purchase a new grinder each time.