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Aldi salt grinder - causing plastic contamination of foods


Avoid this problem in the future… get Olsson’s salt. When you rub their salt between your fingers you get fine grains.


Crickey! We’ve been using this product for a couple of years. I’m going to check out my grinder and see if it has done the same. Interestingly, Coles sell a very similar product but the lid is harder to get off, which is why we’ve been purchasing the Aldi one. Now I’m wondering if the Coles grinder does the same…??


The same grinder refilled or new grinders purchased when empty?

If you have a grinder, it would also be interesting to know if it says for single use only or not to be refilled.


Just buy a quality salt and pepper grinder with a ceramic mill. These last a very long time and are perfectly safe. It is wasteful to buy a pre-packed rubbish grinder which gets thrown away after it is empty and obviously is not refillable due to the cheap grinding component. It is far cheaper to buy pepper and salt for grinders in bulk as well.


From our experience and as I noted above in a couple of posts yes they do. The products at the cheaper and sometimes not so cheap end of the market have similar plastic/acrylic components that wear in the same way. It is a cost saving feature for the producer of the products. I think they most likely don’t intend for them to be refilled most times but we as consumers try to save some money by buying one and then buying the cheaper bulk packets of consumables to refill them with.

Some grinders have press fitted lids that are hard to remove so you would assume the intent was not to be refilled, but I do know some people do refill them after prying the lids off. Others have easy to screw off lids but have the shrink wrap that goes past the bulk of the lid so maybe the intent is to stop refilling (easily bypassed by removing the shrink wrap), and finally you have some that are just easy to screw off lids. All the ones I have seen say nothing about refilling either to say yes or no to that. I guess a situation of it’s up to the purchaser to take the risk from the manufacturer’s point of view.


We buy a new salt grinder every time. Aldi do occasionally sell the salt by itself but its sold in huge bags which would take us forever to get through, therefore we purchase a new grinder each time.


We have returned a bicycle after a year, and got a full refund without hesitation.

The only down-side with Aldi stores is they don’t repair things and return them fixed. The only option is a refund.


I have heard of people getting repairs or replacement for larger items such as the big screen TVs they sometimes sell, or the washing machines. The repair I think was arranged through the contact number on the warranty stickers they often provide but I will have to ask if that was the case and see if I get an answer.


That’s great! Did you return it to the shop or via their returns number? I’ve tried three ways and can’t even get a response. The stores just refer me to a telephone number.


@mael, We did it at the shop we purchased from using the original purchase docket.


We use a pair of Russel Hobbs Salt & Pepper Mills which are battery operated and simply need the user to press the button on the top whilst leaving the other hand completely free to do other tasks.

We refill them with Saxa Natural Rock Salt and Saxa Whole Black Peppercorns.

Yes, we do need to replace the batteries when necessary, but it is small price to pay for the fantastic convenience.



A fabulous idea that is sadly only halfway there for real convenience. Now if the power grinders were mounted on a drone and web enabled you could have a salt and pepper bombing run done over your plate without leaving your PC or device. Think of the time that could be saved!


Inspiring @syncretic. :grin:
What a great marketing ploy for cafes and restaurants!

Tap your phone on the drone, create a link, down load some absolutely perfect meal shots to the phone. One more click and you can post your near instant meal review to the owners web site and your Trip Advisor review of choice. The drone might even capture a few shots of fork with food approaching your gleaming white smile, followed by a face shot full of delight, closed full mouth optional?

P.S. do we wait for the drone to carry the fork, or does that need a different kind of bot?

To stay on topic, how long before I can buy a drone salt shaker at Aldi?


I have always wondered the benefit of a battery/power operated salt or pepper grinder for an able bodied person. Manual ones are reliable and easy to use…and to me a battery powered one is an unnecessary use of electricity, cost to the consumer (more expensive to buy and ongoing battery replacement costs/recharging) and produces waste (used batteries).

I can see if one had a disability which prevented manual grinding, but, can’t see why it would otherwise be needed.


It is not about the effort but the fact you can use it with one hand instead of needing both hands.

Very handy if you are stirring something whilst adding pepper or salt.

Or course for persons with disabilities, it would be a godsend.


I have seen some manual ones that use a lever or plunger/button to actuate the grinder eg


Of course another advantage of our grinders is that one can use both hands to salt and pepper your meal simultaneously.

My idea of multi-tasking.



A recall notice posted by @Fred123 Metcash - Community Co Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder 115g, Black Peppercorns Grinder 50g & Sea Salt Grinder 115g Recall has possibly raised an issue of whether the plastic grinders are faulty by nature. As the recall isn’t really clear of how the contamination occurs it could be linked to the grinding of the product rather than being introduced during packaging.

In the topic I posed the question of whether CHOICE might undertake some investigation of these plastic grinders to determine if the grinders are a problem due to the use of the plastic in the grinding mechanism. The results of any testing may highlight problems with particular designs or the entire idea of using plastic in such an environment as the grinding parts.


Perhaps the title of this thread could be changed to “plastic herb grinder contamination” to encompass the wider discussion?


Good suggestion. I have updated the title but kept the Aldi salt grinder as this was the subject of the original post.