Aldi F & V and terrible response from Aldi

Decided to give Aldi F and V a try again as I wanted Stollen for Christmas. Among other F & V, bought a bag of avocados and 8 mandarins. Found the first two avocados I cut open going bad with the “strings” in one but still hard despite their being soft on outside. Two mandarins had brown rot. Returned next day to return food, queued (unlike returning goods at Woolies, Coles) showed the very confident checkout young man the avocado with the spot of brown rot and he said, “We would find that just fine here”. I protested and he said, “If the customer doesn’t think it’s ok, we will refund.” Then showed him the worse avocado and he said, “That’s not ok.” At home I looked up Aldi’s returns policy and it says, “We will immediately refund or replace any everyday grocery item you are not entirely satisfied with.” Complained in email to Aldi that evening but so far no reply. It was infuriating to get bad F and V, but really appalled to find that the check out staff set their own standards as to what is ok or not. Absolutely no more Aldi. I’d rather get my shopping right the first time.


I long ago gave up on Aldi F & V. At their best, they’re pretty bad.

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I totally agree with you hillwing - one does not have to time to do shopping twice, let alone go back to the store to be insulted by an ignorant checkout operator.

Let your feet and common sense prevail and shop elsewhere!