AirAsia - Contact number

Does anyone have an Australian phone number for AirAsia?
I’ve tried every website, social media, app etc… No luck.

The below details are from their website, noting that you might need to leave a voicemail message.


From their website it appears most of the contact is expected through their virtual agent Bo or their app.

However if it is a group booking (this number is strictly for group bookings)

“For those who haven’t registered as appointed agent, you may contact group desk via hotline and email directly.

[+86 020 6661 9933](tel:+86 020 6661 9933)”

This is a mainland China number so times will not match ours.

“Monday to Friday:
9.00am to 6.00pm (GMT+8)

Weekends and Public Holidays: Closed”


FWIW What I would do:
The number for Aus. listed on their website is the number at the Melbourne Airport, goes to voicemail and the response might be slow if any.
As I’m in Melbourne I would call at their desk at the airport and ask them for information and/or appropriate contact details (according to websites they also have a presence in Sydney and the Gold Coast).
Or I would go into travel agent’s shops like Flight Centre etc until someone gives me a contact number or some other useful info for AirAsia.
Worth a try?:slightly_smiling_face: