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Air purifiers - what's your experience?

We’ve reviewed dehumidifiers (member content) for those interested in this appliance.


Asthma Foundation has tested air purifiers.
I got late onset asthma in my 60s. Given seratide drip while in a seriously allergic situation, having panic attacks so given seratide puffer which exacerbates lung irritability and so it goes. Being in Melbourne and exposed to tram dust…plastic bogies.add to it, I have suffered badly. Now on Intal with zero side effects but was struggling.

I looked at choice for airpurifier reviews, found none.0

On impulse I found the asthma foundation has a Sensitive section dealing with products. . Clearly better for Choice to let people know this have been tested rather than Choice repeat the testing.

I looked carefully and decided on the zero pro 5 stage air purifier.
There are others cheaper which do a smaller area.
There are specials and cheaper if buying two.
The pro 5 bought is exquisite almost silent, can do extreme to low level flow. Is light enough to carry from living area to bedroom overnight which I do and heard others do the same. It is a very pretty machine.Very easy to open, the front panel clips down, can vacuum a gross filter and easy to replace filter yearly.
Previously I was waking going to bathroom then asthmatic symptoms, using too much product trying to calm my lungs as I recover in my new protocol. First night, on sleep mode could feel air movement, no symptoms, next day no symptoms and so it’s been, Have used ventolin rescue a couple of times…small puff…per week. Outside walking I have not had asthma symptoms at all. This is a miracle for me. Life saving.
Please tell anyone you know of the Asthma Foundation Sensitive Range, wish I had known years ago, would have saved me from a hospital admission.


I urchased the Winex pro…a review is down the page because of dust, dust mites and allergens. It has a hepa and plasmawve to kill fungi and spores etc. read and consider. If you run the risk of breathing mould spores indefinitely its better to choose otherwise. one like mine does 50 to 100 metres…it’s great. They underestimate its coverage. The air quality is lovely, I have it on and feel a tiny air movement of clean air.

Hi Glo, is that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ? I couldn’t find any product recommendations at Asthma Australia. Their endorsement policy is here:

It does not exactly look like a test, but a referral, linked to the national asthma council org site not the asthma org site.

Sensitive Choice is a community service program that identifies asthma and allergy-aware products.

with the onward link to

Ferreting out how they ‘approve’ products, it more resembles a trade group than a testing group, although well intentioned.

Which is the best air purifier please.

Hi @nads, welcome aboard.

I have moved your post to this thread as it could have some information to assist you. If you have any specific questions about some of the air purifiers others in the forum have purchased, you can make addiitonal posts here.