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Air purifiers - what's your experience?



We’ve reviewed dehumidifiers (member content) for those interested in this appliance.


Asthma Foundation has tested air purifiers.
I got late onset asthma in my 60s. Given seratide drip while in a seriously allergic situation, having panic attacks so given seratide puffer which exacerbates lung irritability and so it goes. Being in Melbourne and exposed to tram dust…plastic bogies.add to it, I have suffered badly. Now on Intal with zero side effects but was struggling.

I looked at choice for airpurifier reviews, found none.0

On impulse I found the asthma foundation has a Sensitive section dealing with products. . Clearly better for Choice to let people know this have been tested rather than Choice repeat the testing.

I looked carefully and decided on the zero pro 5 stage air purifier.
There are others cheaper which do a smaller area.
There are specials and cheaper if buying two.
The pro 5 bought is exquisite almost silent, can do extreme to low level flow. Is light enough to carry from living area to bedroom overnight which I do and heard others do the same. It is a very pretty machine.Very easy to open, the front panel clips down, can vacuum a gross filter and easy to replace filter yearly.
Previously I was waking going to bathroom then asthmatic symptoms, using too much product trying to calm my lungs as I recover in my new protocol. First night, on sleep mode could feel air movement, no symptoms, next day no symptoms and so it’s been, Have used ventolin rescue a couple of times…small puff…per week. Outside walking I have not had asthma symptoms at all. This is a miracle for me. Life saving.
Please tell anyone you know of the Asthma Foundation Sensitive Range, wish I had known years ago, would have saved me from a hospital admission.