Air purifiers/ medical issues

Hi, We have a unusual problem in our home, both my husband and mother have medical conditions that require them to have a stoma, my Mums in particular is problematic and it doesn’t seem to matter what I do there is a constant odour around the house especially in the mornings, I’m sure in part I’ve become over sensitive, but anyway I’m wondering if some kind of air purifier would help🤔

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Welcome to the forum Leezy. I think there is a typo, you probably meat “odour” not “order”. You can edit it using the little pencil icon.

There is are several threads here that mention air purifiers that have some good information, Air purifiers, filters, & dehumidifiers, is one.

Many only remove solid particles like dust which would not help. If one is going to be useful to you you would need one that removed volatile gases as well. There are numerous claims on the web about models that remove smells. Perhaps somebody here who has one of those can advise on how well they work, mine doesn’t have that feature.


Leezy, you might find a bottle of “Nilodor” helpful. I used to use it to disguise the stink of animal accidents. You can get it in Woolworths and its a lot cheaper than an air purifier.

Reviews here : Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser |


Second that. Nilodor works well.