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Air fryer review


Crisp up those chips or make your nuggets with an air fryer, which only uses a small amount of oil to fry up your food. You can find the best air fryers with our review (member content), or see our air fryer buying guide to find out more about this kitchen appliance.

Do you have experience using an air fryer? Share it with the CHOICE Community below.


It’s just my opinion but if you have a fan forced oven, I have a wall mounted Westinghouse gas , you can get the same results as an air fryer with chips , nuggets etc . I have used air fryers in the past and found most of them rather bulky and hard to store therefore they take up kitchen top space . For fan forced oven owners think twice your money maybe better spent elsewhere . Just saying .


You’re not alone in that sentiment. The prevailing wisdom seems to indicate they could be useful for small apartments without an oven, a caravan or those who are cooking small batches. Otherwise, it seems the regular oven will do the job nicely. However, if anyone is using them and getting a particularly good result, be sure to let us know :slight_smile:


Up until 2 years ago when I shifted to this home I had a floor standing electric range that was not fan forced in the oven department . I used an Easy Cook 727 and an Easy Cook 757 regularly . Took the 757 , which sadly no longer seems available . away to use in the caravan and at the campsite where we had a generator ./

One of the advantages I did find was that they used considerably less power , as measured on the smart/ dumb meter , compared to the standard oven . /

Over 10 years old and if I unpacked them , which I will do with the 757 , I’m heading off camping , bit of fishing and shooting , know doubt it will work as well as when first purchased .

Easy Cook Australia have a new model out called the Connoisseur 777 .It seems to have all the bells and whistles with it . Are Choice planning a test regarding it Brendan ?


I’ve got a Tefal Actifry Express XL, also “SERIE 025” on the label underneath. Power listed as 1400-1700W and I’ve been using it for a year or 2 now, it doesn’t appear to be a Choice-tested model. I acquired it with FF points accumulated on my VISA.
I’m very happy with it so far, but hope it lasts longer than the previous smaller Actifry model I had (also from FF points), in which the plastic gears that move the stirrer around eventually stripped.
It makes great chips- usually potato, pumpkin and sweet potato, all home made, not frozen.
It cooks chips much more evenly than our fan-forced Panasonic microwave/oven/grill can bake the same veg. It also uses less energy to do so- something to keep in mind when operating off the electricity grid.


@vax2000 We have one Easy Cook model, but not the Connoisseur 777 - no doubt it will be considered for the next test. There’s also this Tefal Actifry Express @gordon , but I’m not 100% sure that it’s the same model as yours.


It is similar, but definitely a different model.


Looks like another one to add for next time then :slight_smile:


If you think about energy use the Air Fryer is a no brainer. Heating (and pre-) a family sized takes quite a bit of energy and is overuse in many cases. The Air Fryer is smaller heats up faster and usually cooks faster than a conventional oven. Perhaps Choice could compare energy use in both systems? We also use a Breville work top oven and that’s replaced the toaster amongst other things and its ideal for a couple to prepare and keep food warm.



Good point @tmar5954 and I agree, that would make for an interesting comparison. I’ll be sure to pass on the suggestion.


Have a small one I bought from Kogan a couple of years ago. Great for home made fish and chips. Have roasted vegetables in it if cooking a roast on the barbecue. Ideal for the two of us.


I have a large oven 90cm wide which works very well but since the kids have moved out I use an air fryer instead when cooking for only two people. It’s faster and does a great job of cooking smaller portions and I wouldn’t be without it.


Similar reasons why we moved to using a Convection Microwave, it suits a smaller household, is able to cook many dishes faster, and if needed can be called into action for larger meals if needed and time is available (ours is a 40 litre one). The airfryer though does a much better fish and chips :slight_smile: