Aerosol sunscreens - spraying money around

CHOICE tested aerosol spray sunscreen and found that only 40-60% is sunscreen. Our test also found that out of each spray (10 grams), only 4-6 grams actually end up on your skin. You can lose even more to overspray, especially if it’s windy or if you’re spraying a small area. However, consumers report that it’s a convenient way to apply sunscreen.

What do you think of aerosol spray sunscreen?

Like all other aerosols - convenient but pricey.

Never used them. Always use a roll on or a suspension type. I have confidence in geting appropriate coverage with those products.

I was always attracted to the aerosol cans of Bullshit Repellant that were displayed prominently in our local pharmacy during the build-up to elections… it’s just that I don’t know whether to spray it on me, or other people!

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