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Aero press coffee maker

Has anyone used it? Suggestions and feed back?

I know choice did a review 3 years ago and they didn’t like it. Then again they used pre ground coffee from a supermarket. Plain aeropress doesn’t give crema and there was a comment regarding lack of it.

They’ve found the coffee acidic, but that could be just the beans… I’ve had espresso at coffee shops that tasted acidic, and when mentioned it to barista was told that it’s the beans… not the fault of the coffee … just like some taste sweet. fruity … chocolaty etc etc


Here is the Choice review from a few years back as you indicated…

Choice seemed to indicate that ‘even a plunger could do better and, once the novelty wears off, it’s not worth the poor result.’.

Other reviews on the internet have generally more favourable than negative reviews…but these did not compare with other cheaper (such as plunger) coffee making products. Maybe purchasing a product which is more expensive than a plunger, one thinks the coffee must taste better.

My other half uses a Bodum Solo Single Set and swears by it. The glass mug that came with it broke many years ago, but it does also fit onto of some commonly available coffee mugs. While I don’t drink coffee, it is a single cup dripper…which is possibly similar to the Aeropress…but without the plunger function. Looks like it may be difficult to obtan at the moment.

A single Vietnamese coffee dripper is also used from time to time and one of the cheapest options to make coffee from ground beans. I understand that it is similar to the Bodum, but more sediment gets into the cup as the filter is coarser. If you live near an Asian/Vietnamese supermarket, then they have them cheap and for about the same price as a cheap plunger (~$10). Note Kmart has single serve (300mL) coffee plungers for $6 - which I incidentally use as a tea plunger).


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I know, I’ve read their review… that wasn’t my question.

I wanted to know if any of the posters used it and their view on it.

There’s a bit of discussion at Whirlpool ( in the context of other coffee makers. Some like it, some don’t and some swear by it. In the end, I think its probably about the coffee and grind you use.

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Thank you! It’s a lot about the coffee, the freshness, the grind … I know that the coffee I buy is freshly roasted and ground for me while I am there.
Hoped to get some feedback from the members who might have used it.

Baristas swear by it… I know they compete in Aero press competitions.

It could be cash for comment…give rewards which results in ‘free’ promotion. It may not be an independent, unbias assessment.

not really… they know their products.

I’ve used one in the office & thought it gave a stronger brew than possible with a french press. But neither close to espresso style. With needing to preheat and clean, it is more fiddly than an espresso machine.
No Crema? I’m just reading crema is over rated and not related to making an optimum coffee. Stir you shot to distribute the flavour. Really? I enjoy the crema.
Some travel with an Aeropress (etc). I choose to go cold turkey so that when a get return I’ll re-enjoy the delights of fine espresso.
You may want to check out the Delter Coffee Press said to be the Aeropress reinvented, or something like that. Similar pricing. A Brisbane Kickstarter funded project. I’ve never used it.

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Thank you! I noticed with Nespresso machine at work you have to stir the crema, I didn’t and it set like foam… tasted like it as well.

I have a french press for cold brew and stove top for espresso. Use both but was reading that FrenchPress lets much of the oil through which is bad for cholesterol.

I have plastic cup plunger, bialetti , gass plunger but while I was at work all I had was nespresso pods and didn’t like them.

Looking for alternative, as not many offices provide barista style machines and buying coffee when your body demands you have one gets expensive.

In the Weekend Australian magazine they had this one in the gadgets piece…

Maybe Choice could look at this one also…or have a home reviewer (coffee drinker) to do it on their behalf?

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ALDI are selling them today for $35, so bought it… easy to clean, less fuss then with my stove top. Gave a much stronger coffee, clearly I need to add more water.
Lack of crema didn’t worry me as my stove top doesn’t really give me crema.

For now happy with it, time will tell if i will change my mind.

The good thing is that in the old job I could only use Nespresso or by coffee… didn’t like Nespresso and buying coffee daily gets expensive. This would have been perfect.


We’ve updated our Aeropress review for those interested.

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Purchased it on the day… Liked it but found it a bit too strong and my beans were not the right grind.
Barista told me to keep on trying till I get it to the way I like it… do need to get beans but between a jar for stove top and another one for cold press, I am out of jars and room.
Cleaning it is a breeze, so is making coffee. Espresso without the crema or a long black. My stove top doesn’t give me crema either.