AdwCleaner Computer removal tool

Last month whilst using my laptop , I stupidly had AdBlock on pause , I was hit with Ransom Ware . The same old same old we want $1000 to unlock your computer . Pretty typical Ransom ware hit . I immediately shut the laptop down , not the usual way just held the start button down . I run Avast anti Virus and Malware bytes . I restarted the Laptop and kicked Malwarebytes in . Got nothing . Said no infections . I knew there was one there . Next Avast .No good . Switched off laptop and got in touch with Tech friend of mine . He said try AdwCleaner .I had heard of this program . Nothing to loose .Quick download and install . Really easy . Ran the AdwCleaner and it got both Ransom ware files straight up and quarantined them , I had it on that setting . Also got a Trojan Keygen lurking on the system . Was very impressed with it . It’s a sort of use and uninstall program . It’s free but you can donate to them . I sent $10 . Better than $1000 on Ransom ware the link to their site is below .
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Thank you for the review. I like to hear positive feedback when we are more likely to share negative experiences. My laptop needs a deep clean so I will check them out. Thanks again!

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Works much better than most security software. It’s free and worth a donation,and no malware.

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@bigmitch8 I’m glad it worked out for you .It’s a good little program that punches above it’s weight .They update it about once a month .


I’m surprised others in the community haven’t used it It worked great and got rid of excess
garbage. Much thanks.

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@bigmitch8 Thanks very much . Now and then I will put threads in the forum of little " off the beaten track " programs like AdwCleaner . I always run them for a few months and do a complete compatibility test on them .

@vax2000 thank you very much! It picked up things either missed by Malwarebytes or I hadn’t been able to remove myself.

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@barca1au Your welcome .Glad it got rid of some “nasties” on your computer

I have used this program for a couple of years now.
I run it about once a month doing ‘housekeeping’
It is a good addition to CCleaner and MALWAREBYTE in the fight
against garbage…


@paf.paulfrith I follow the same procedure .It really does work well in conjunction with CCleaner and MALWAREBYTES as you said .

Thank you for posting about AdwCleaner.
It is not a package I had heard about. Based on your post, I downloaded it and tried it out. It seems to be a good product. I had a quick look at their other offerings which also seem useful to help with specific software maladies.

@meltam I’m glad you had a look at it . I 'm happy using it so far

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Hot off the press: Malwarebytes acquires AdwCleaner as reported by TechCrunch.

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AdwCleaner has not seemed to be less effective due to Malwarebytes taking it over . Still doing the job for me :grin: