Actron air conditioning noisy and not reducing humidity, Actron lying to cover up

The Actron ducted air conditioner installed at my property does not reduce humidity and makes noise in excess of advertised noise levels. Testing conducted by Actron confirm the problems exist.

Actron lied to Fair Trading and NCAT stating the unit is operating normally.

Actrons only action to address the noise issue was to change the drivers in the unit to reduce the power of the unit, their technicians stated it usually fixes the problem ie they have done this to multiple customers.
It did reduce the noise from over 9db louder to about 5db louder but with reduced heating and cooling capacity.
So the unit presently has reduced capacity and still exceeds the advertised sound levels.

After I contacted their compressor supplier and obtained information relating to noise from the CHINESE made compressor, Actron agreed to fix the noise on the condition that I accept the unit does not reduce humidity despite Actrons technical department, NSW Service Manager and Australian Service Manager confirming in emails that all air conditioners reduce humidity.


From what you say here it seems to me that you have two “major failures”.
First is the noise level exceeding brochure limits. Does it comply with legal limits? The final sound pressure 5db louder is a significant increase in noise.
Second is the failure to lower humidity. I’ve never heard of a refrigeration type of aircon which fails to lower humidity - it’s a consequence of how they work as I understand it.
I strongly recommend that your next move is to check what the Australian Consumer Law has to say and see how it applies to your situation. Until you have a clear view of your rights here you would be wise to agree to nothing from Actron except a refund and complete removal from/reinstatement of your property or a replacement unit.
Good luck.

How well a RC refrigerated aircon reduces humidity varies with the operating conditions at the heat exchanger - evaporator core in the head unit. This assumes the unit is in cooling mode.

Choice has a discussion of the relative merits and disadvantages of refrigerant dehumidifiers attached to the reviews of those products.

It’s important to note at low cooling loads and high airflow rates an inverter refrigerant RC AC will be far less effective at removing moisture than indicated in it’s specification.

Choice tests dehumidifiers under a number of different operating conditions. The detailed test results (member content) compare the relative performance between refrigerant and other types which are better suited to cooler climates.

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note the 5dB is after they reduced the capacity it was closer to 10 dB when operating at advertised capacity.
In regard to the humidity Actron advertise that their coils have a special treatment to improve performance. I suspect that the coil treatment is retaining water in the indoor part of the AC when cooling ie there is no water leaving the indoor part of the system.

With Actron lying to Fair Trading and NCAT (their emails prove it) it is making it difficult to achieve a reasonable outcome. I have contacted the minister responsible for Fair Trading to escalate the problem

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