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Beware the fake warranties from ACS Bathrooms. Our kitchen sink mixer broke and failed completely after 4 and a half years of normal use into a 17 year warranty. They would not honour it, saying it was normal wear and tear. A sink mixer broken in 2 pieces is NOT normal wear and tear.


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It would be interesting if you could post a photo of your mixer. I have never seen one break into pieces before.

I suggest you search the Community for the many links to both Choice advice, the ACCC pages on Australian Consumer Law, and the Letter of Complaint regarding your consumer rights, and Community members advice regarding same.

Since you have been knocked back many companies consider requests for warranty or other support as ‘idle chit chat’ and their goal is to make the customer ‘go away’. Once they receive a well written Letter of Complaint they understand the customer knows their rights and often changes their attitude. FWIW ACS Bathrooms, as a retailer, ‘owns’ your warranty, but when a retailer is unresponsive or antagonistic sometimes going to the manufacturer works, assuming it is not their house branded mixer.

Please let us know if you need more guidance, and how you go progressing your claim.


Whilst ACS Bathrooms have 30 x 5-star reviews on Product Review, the 8 x 1-star reviews are absolute shockers.


Thanks for your interest.

I’m new at this, not sure how to post photos. However the mixer has a vertical rod going up from the benchtop. It then has a horizontal arm reaching over the sink. Something has broken inside the vertical rod, so that when you turn the water on it forces the two pieces apart and water spurts out the top.

I have already advised ACS that I know my rights but they don’t give a toss because they know that, it’s $369 mixer, we can’t use our sink and my only remedy is to formally go to VCAT which will probably cost more than $369 and take months.


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VCAT will probably ask if you have sent the letter of complaint and how did that go, prior to accepting any case.

There are a few bottom feeding companies that take that attitude and the sad reality is when one is done over by one of them the tribunal or a lawsuit are the consumers only avenues - and for a lower value product the companies know the consumer will usually give up.

It is interesting that all the reviews, good and bad, are 2 and more years old.

I hope @PhilWW adds a ‘recent’ review there.


Thanks, I’ll post my own review on Product Review.



Telling them you know your rights and sending them a documented Letter of Complaint are two different worlds in many cases. The former is he said he said, the latter and their response, or lack of response, is evidence.


With the benefit of Choice advice, I emailed ACS Bathrooms, advising I did not believe their product met an acceptable standard, either under my general rights under Aust Consumer Law, or under my rights extending from their express 17 year warranty. I gave them a few days to reply but they ignored me.

I then went to Consumer Affairs Vic but they said the definition of normal wear and tear is subjective and my only remedy is VCAT.

Sadly these shysters realise that the product is worth only $369 and we currently cannot use our kitchen sink. Going to VCAT is not a practical option. So they get away with it. Again and again presumably.


Sorry, my point is, I don’t know precisely what you call a documented letter of complaint, however I sent them a communication with the content recommended by Choice.

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This older post might help

Based on your comments it appears ACS Bathrooms may be one of those companies that flouts the law and knows the bounds and toothless nature of our ‘consumer protections’ that only work when a business is willing to engage.


Ok. Thanks for your help.


There are Consumer Law Centres that may be helpful in taking further action. A formal complaint to the ACCC about the business while it might not produce results for yourself, it may lead to the ACCC taking action of the failure of the business to adhere to the Australian Consumer Law and their additional Warranty terms.

You could try to have the item repaired or replaced by another business and sending the bill to ACS for reimbursement of your costs. While this again may not end up being successful it is your right under ACL to take this action. As you would then have additional proof of costs you may find that a VCAT action might then be worth your while.


Ok, thanks.