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ACL blacklist - businesses that need to train their staff in the ACL

After having read lots of stories from forum members about interacting with staff in stores, where they do not understand the ACL, and possibly haven’t ever even heard of it.

This thread is for SHORT posts. It is a chance to name the business with a very brief explanation of how it was obvious to you that the staff didn’t know what was required under the ACL. The issues can be discussed in detail elsewhere.

Hopefully, the businesses named will find out, and implement a training program to inform their staff of their obligatons under the ACL.

I look forward to businesses reporting back that they have taken heed, and are implementing training.


I would like to nominate the Daisy Pool Covers.

They refused to accept that their pool cover was faulty during their warranty period, trying to blame me (the customer) for the major fault despite evidence and corroboration to the contrary. It was only after protracted pressure that they offered a reduced price replacement, and then they wanted to charge for transport (contrary to the ACL).



For telling customers that they must return faulty goods in the original packaging.


Great idea for a thread @meltam.

Mine is Anaconda. …see

Dodgy Warranty Information?


Nick Scali Furniture stores:


They don’t need training, they need different training.

It works in two parts, the floor staff or first contact are trained to pass everything to customer service and customer service are trained to stonewall, waste time and be uncooperative for as long as possible. I would be certain that customer service know their ACL backwards and sideways but to keep their jobs they keep people away from the outcomes they want, and ought to get, as much as possible.