Access to aged pension if above $ asset limit

I am in my early seventies and am extremely naive about superannuation and availability of / access to a pension or part pension - and the recent Choice / Super Consumers Australia article has confused me even more… (“Our new targets for your super in retirement”).
In that article, the first table shows (Column 3, bottom row) “Then you need to have saved this much by the time you are 65, ON TOP OF your income from the Age Pension”, and suggests an asset figure for Couples of $1,021,000. BUT, Services Australia website says that NO pension is available if your joint $ assets are more than $1,140,000.
Surely, if you wanted the “High” assets balance of $1,021,000 to enjoy retirement, as recommended in the article, you would NOT be entitled to the Age Pension, OR if you were (just) entitled to it, it would only be a negligible amount?
Can anyone explain this to me in layperson’s terms?

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