ACCC Takes Peters Ice Cream To Task'

The ACCC is taking action against Australasian Foods Group T/A Peters Ice Cream.

I just love the way many food manufacturers label the contents of packages of products such as ice cream bars “NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY”.so as to prevent the “greedy retailsrs” de-bundling packs to sell individually at a reasonable profit, thus denying the struggling multi-nationals of their justly deserved excess profits on their individually packaged items.

As well as the marking, they also do not include things like the nutrition panel which is only printed on the carton, so consumers cannot check for any potential downsides.

It is in stark contrast to the pharmaceutical industry where pharmacists open packs of prescription eye drops, ointments and creams, and apply a label around the bottle or tube as well as labelling the cardboard box.

When I queried this apparent duplication a few years ago, the pharmacist replied that they had to do it so as to ensure users always had the instructions without needing to refer to the box.

I hope the ACC takes Peters to the cleaners.



You’ll be waiting a long time for the ACCC to take anyone to the cleaners or to be effective.

Look at all the scams on warrantees and so called special services to enable you to get your warrantees easily. The schemes actually in effect charge you to get the warrantee that exists under the trade practices act.

These scam schemes seem to be proliferating too.