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ACCC Takes iSelect To Task In Federal Court


An article regarding the ACCC taking iSelect to task over deceptive and misleading conduct in regard to selectively recommending energy retailers who paid them higher commissions.



No surprise there @Fred123.

I had some interesting dealings with iSelect early in this year when I was looking for alternate deals for our electricity retailer. To get anything online from iSelect that was meaningful was difficult unless you provided some form of contact details. Even then the web mechanism was based on using your last bill information, usage and retailers rates. I reneged and it came back simply recommending how much you could save if you went to retailer X or Y or Z based on typical usage in your area!

Not surprisingly I had a phone call the next morning from iSelect. Polite but not very satisfactory. It all failed to be of use when I indicated that I had just had solar PV installed. Their feedback was that until I had my first full bill they could not help more than a simple recommendation. I suggested I could give them my base case based on what we expected as import vs export each billing period. Apparently that is outside their remit?

None of what transpired was fully transparent in my personal opinion.