Abuse of Technology and position

Last year I read with interest the case in Queensland concerning Renee Eaves the Bikini model . Her details were hacked , along with 50 other women , by a member of the Queensland Police force who had access to QPRIME , the crime data base for that state . The repercussions were that Eaves is suing the Queensland Police and the Government ./

The Crime and Corruption Committee (CCC ) have acted and found that this illegal use of the QPRIME data base is on going and one officer faces multiple charges for breaching peoples security and privacy . I believe that technology , and the advances in it , are basically a good thing . The trouble is in an organisation like the police, and they generally due an excellent job in maintaining law and order , there will be those who will abuse the technology often because that technology exists within the sphere of their influence and usage lines become blurred . /

Recently during a server outage in an MMO game ( Massive Multi Player Online ) we had a very interesting discussion on Team Speak re technology and it’s abuse. . There were Australian , European , including Brits and US and Canadian players . When it was my turn to contribute to the discussion I raised the Eaves case and I compared technology to Clay target shooting , a sport in which I was very active in . If the Gun is technology it is the person who uses the gun who is responsible for it not the gun itself . Same with technology . I fear for those who come after us if strict guidelines are not put in place concerning the availability and the usage of that which is discussed in the attached link .



It’s been happening for decades - and while auditing is in place to track access to data by users, nothing can protect you from unaudited or ‘audit adjusted’ access by unscrupulous people in your IT department (insert evil laugh here …).

I personally know someone who was apprehended on the road by a member of the QLD constabulary on an alleged minor traffic infringement which turned out to be more an excuse to ‘chat her up’. I remember it being rather stressful for them, as the realisation of the level of access to personal information this person had sank in …

As for firearms - one wonders how secure the firearms registration databases are around Australia, given they could be used by ‘bad guys’ to know exactly where to get the firearms they want. Lucky for us, the police are here to protect us from said ‘bad guys’ … unfortunately like many things the response of the ‘authorities’ is to take the capability and choice away from everyone rather than target wrongful use …