ABC News Website Changes

The ABC News website was not working properly yesterday morning and it displayed a message that it had been affected by a power outage.

A couple of articles I had left open from the previous day also would not display correctly.

Later in the day, the articles did display correctly but the website was very different to what it was like previously.

Today there is a message on the website regarding the changes.

I do not like the changes whatsoever and would much prefer that it had been left alone.

As they say, “If it ain’t broke. don’t fix it”.



True, but their graphic design, web support and communications people would have little to do. :roll_eyes:

They have to keep them busy somehow.


I’m not seeing any recent formatting changes in relation to the “news” part of the web site.

The Help Centre article you provide is from “1 month ago”. It also tells you how to go back to the old “home page” if that’s what you prefer.

It is not unheard of for network problems to cause CSS files to be absent from the web page in the browser, which can cause dramatic changes to appearance.

So I am not certain whether there is a problem and if so what it is?

Can you mention what operating system and version, browser and version? Can you clear your cache so that you are starting in a known state?

Possibly if you are accessing from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) - you haven’t said - you are seeing differences that other people not using a mobile device are not seeing.

I thinks @Fred123 is referring to the changes here:

There is a link at the old webpage format at the top left of the new page as well.

The ABC website had a major outage yesterday morning and were off line for a number of hours.


The ABC is giving you the choice of “new” or “old”. All good, right? Sure they may one day get rid of the old page.


All sorted now.