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A Grubby Landlord Gets Their Just Desserts

Another incident of the disgusting behaviour of some landlords.

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I think that in the overall spectrum of “disgusting behaviour” this is at the minor end.

Reading the details in the article, this is a complicated scenario, involving the intervention of the bank that loaned the money to the landlord. I don’t know how common that is but clearly the circumstances were not fully under the control of the landlord.

I don’t think your topic title is a fair summary.

Whether it is smart for the landlord to be suing the tenant or for the tenant to be suing the landlord is another question, when the sums of money are all relatively small (by comparison with what legal action will cost). When I read the article this morning, I assumed that either landlord or tenant or both must be lawyers / law students - because otherwise it is crazy.

I note that the landlord is appealing the decision. LOL.


Wouldn’t cost too much to launch these actions as they were through the ACT Civil & Admin Tribunal. The Landlord is considering an appeal and the Banking Ombudsman (now would be AFCA) is looking into the attempt to take possession. The owner may have taken finance elsewhere to pay out the bank before they took final possession, not much is said as to why but the time this took doesn’t appear to be a rushed one by the bank.