6 products not to buy in the EOFY sales

You might want to steer clear of these problem items in the End Of Financial Year (EOFY) sales.

What else would add to this list?


You’ve seen the products to avoid, now here are the most popular items:

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Some updated advice in preparation for financial year sales:


Some of those 6 were real doozies even amongst all those other doozies…over $2000 for a washing machine that achieves less than 60% overall scores, and a fridge that scores 0% on temperature testing…yep I’d be avoiding them and it wouldn’t even take a heartbeat to do so. Thank you CHOICE for finding these far less than desirable items we need to avoid.


Speed Queen is a US home and commercial (eg laundromats, hotels, etc) washing machine manufacturer. Some of their products could be real klunkers such as the TR7000WN in the USA, but the AWNA62 appears to be one where Choice and other sources differ. There could be many reasons, but.

While not dismissing Choice’s testing, the referenced model is very well reviewed on productreview as well as the retailer sites. Customers seem to like it.


We looked at the commercial ones for our B&B but found that while they were relatively robust and reliable, they were a little heavy on water and power. We were also after a stackable one where the Speed Queen is one unit rather than two…meaning one can replace the washer/drier if it dies and needs replacement rather than the whole combined stack unit.

Many reports are the robustness and reliability of the washer rather than washing efficiency. Choice looks at washing efficiency rather than the former.


There are consumer purchases that cross over into commercial and professional product ranges.

Perhaps that’s something Choice @BrendanMays could note clearly when reviewing such products. Assessing how well the products reviewed perform delivering everyday consumer value and meeting those needs is valid. Products that don’t score top marks for everyday consumers, may still be best in class when the assessment factors in other needs.

Accepting the SpeedQueen product scored poorly in testing, was it tested against Maytag products also common in commercial use? My experience of laundromat washing is now dated, however washing in motel laundries sees the same name brands. They all wash everyday travel wear ok.

Whether Choice could stretch to include some of the more expensive less common commercial models consumers might consider, it might also serve a purpose. Maytag offer a MHN33PN 9kg intelligent front loader, POA at HN or other specialty outlets.

It appears the EOFY sales are not what they used to be as retailers struggle.

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