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5G claims re cancer, dangers

Totally beats reading the news every day. I just surf till I find something I agree with. Totally agree!

Is that an opinion or fact? :wink:
I’ll keep looking till the right answer turns up! :joy:


Fact, I found it on the internet.


Another article regarding 5G and cancer.

Perhaps Telstra could just give every anti-vaxxer a tin foil hat.

Like that’s not going to backfire:

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Clear confirmation of the worldwide conspiracy because the guvmint wouldn’t need to prop up this attack upon our rights if it wasn’t a threat to Big Telco’s desire to control our minds as well as our wallets. I bet it comes out of the same black ops budget as the one that pays for Chemtrails to keep us all sedated.


Some clarity from ARPANSA on Facebook.

Some of the comments are a bit of a worry.

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Wanted to spread these 2 videos to at least try and slow the road to arguably a world of more grief

At the end of the day these multi billion dollar wireless companies are just trying to survive and as usual corruption is the order of the day to try and get there.
Im sure these guys who run the show have familys kids etc who they want to protect too, its never a 1 man decision in these corporations though so i guess it gets complicteed

So as usual its people power that will only save the day. Even if your skeptical because you think or want to believe your really being looked after is it really worth the risk

Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE is what you google just in case it gets taken down

I couldn’t get the second to play. The first is a rehash of all the anti-5G arguments that I don’t need to repeat.

The speaker leads with the big false expert credential of saying he was in the tech business for 40 years and most recently as head of Microsoft Canada. That says he is businessman and administrator not an expert in the health effects of EMF radiation. To paraphrase him at about 1:55 “I am not aware of any studies in my industry that deal with the safety effects of 5G”. So his credential is membership of the industry that has done nothing.

@davo you have cautioned us against processed milk, processed sugar, commercial toothpaste and root canal therapy. You have advised us to employ colloidal silver, drink litres of distilled water, to use organic beet or palm sugar and that old fashioned ice cream is good.

I agree with the last but the enjoyment of ice cream is subjective and the reasons for it are not subject to scientific analysis.


I always look at the background of popular commentators on particular issues, and whether they are qualified to discuss such issues, or whether it is their opinion or belief. I suggest that the first video falls into the opinion/belief category rather than an expert in the field. In relation to the same commentator, he has tried to get WFI banned in schools because it isn’t safe…even though science has indicated otherwise,

There are also warnings of impending health crisis which is occurring now from the current 4G and previously 3G technology. Thiese are unfounded and based on opinions or beliefs rather than scientific evidence.

I am dubious of such claims about 5G, especially when they are inconsistent with current scientific knowledge.


There were similar claims some 30 years ago regarding the old analogue (AMPS) system and the GSM (2G) system.


An article dismissing claims of dangers of 5G networks.

The conspiracy theorists and other nutjobs won’t like this.

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It will make no difference. Once you get into magical thinking all the facts in the world change nothing.

This kind of refutation is the establishment closing ranks to protect the secret. That behaviour just proves that they are conspiring against us. They wouldn’t do it unless they have something to hide. It goes with the chemtrails, the tranquiliser that is sprayed out of high flying planes to keep the peasants from questioning the works of the masters. We are being turned into sheeples.


Speaking of which, given the reduction in air travel over the past few months how are we all getting our medicine?


You can’t trick me - I know what you are thinking. The answer is obvious really, why else do you need a plague and a “vaccine”? The warehouses are already full of it, this “delay” in making a vaccine is just window dressing. Soon it will released and the sheeple will flock to take it voluntarily and the shadow government will be saved the cost of the planes. It isn’t paranoia when they are out to get you.


Another research article finds no problems with 5G radiation.

This will spoil Paleo Pete’s day.

from as much as i heard. 5g radiation is indeed capable to offer cancer as is classified as a “2B or B2” (I forgot) thing capable to cause cancer. However, as much as it was explained, this “B2” classification is very low with very low chances of harming. There are lots of every day products that we daily use/ consume/ drive/ etc. classified as “B2”

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When a premise such as

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This may one source…

Any radiowave from mobiles are classed as 2B, but is from 2011 applies to earlier generations of mobile technologies. Since then there has been no proven scientific evidence from the 100s millions of regular mobile users that mobiles are linked to cancer.

As ARPANSA indicates, best current available information indicates current radiowave strengths used for mobile networks, including 5G, are safe.


I think @dawnchaser is referring to the IARC classification 2B “possibly carcinogenic”. As I read it this applies to all RF radiation which includes WiFi, 3G and 4G phones and many other things, so it is not just the newby 5G.

The category also includes many well known substances that have been around for a long time. For example; kava, lead, bracken, magnetic fields, melamine, carbon black, chloroform, naphthalene (mothballs), oxazepam (common tranquilizer), titanium dioxide (white paint pigment), ginkgo extract, aloe vera, gasoline etc


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