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50 Tips For Food Handling

An article with 50 tips for food handling.

Sorry Fred - I can’t abide these msn. “stories”… Would you do some/most of us a favour & add the source (eg .msn) in your comment above the attachment, so I can avoid opening the link?? It would be greatly appreciated (by me, at the very least…).

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If one has a look, there are many valid and interesting items in the article.

I did open the previous one you posted this morning, which was why I reacted to the second one you posted… I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to watch commercial channels on TV (excluding SBS!), ditto for radio & newspapers (what are they??) etc - so heavily commercialised internet sites, which force me to wade through a deluge of dross to find an occasional bit of useful information are a nightmare…


Not a lot, they were really pushing hard to find 50. Signal to noise ratio far to low. And ‘food handling’ has a particular meaning which this isn’t about.