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50 Things Popular Restaurant Chains Don't Want You to Know

An article regarding things that restuarants purportedly do not want customers to know.

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May I make a suggestion. Before lining up these click-thru lists one on top of another you check out the relevance and value of the contents.

To make up 50 items in one of these there is much filler. Do we really need to know what the chickfilla staff script says instead of ‘have a nice day’? Each of these lists is a crafted marketing opportunity because, surprise surprise, you have to click through the advertisements as well. Too often the material you are linking to is hardly related to consumer concerns or even general life in this country. In being indiscriminate you are acting like an unpaid promoter for these advertising schemes.

The signal to noise ratio is rather low. Perhaps try to make your new threads stand out for quality rather than quantity.