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5 reasons you may be paying too much for electricity


Here are the main reasons why you could be paying too much for your power, and how to clean up your kilowatt count and save money.

How are you working to reduce your electricity bills?


There could be a bit of well overdue transparency on the horizon so consumers can make preemptive decisions.

Electricity Price Increases

The main reason for high energy prices remains over-investment in poles and wires by a federal government run group!

That Choice should run such a slack article infuriates me!


Perhaps you could expand a little on which federal government run group you are referring to and how they fit into the bigger picture of electricity pricing, with some references - and why you think the Choice article is ‘slack’?


Isn’t the Choice article looking at consumer behaviour and retail


Isn’t the Choice article about consumer behaviors and what we can do individually about our circumstances?

The other questions concerning the high cost of electricity supply whether due to lack of retail competition, poles and wires diamond plated, or wholesale pricing and generation are all valid. There is another topic in the community looking at that.

Or another about retail supply options

For us in a more rural setting and fortunately not on an SWER line we would suggest that not enough has been spent on our poles and wires. Instead the investment may have been wasted elsewhere? That’s for a different topic. Now without power for the third time this year, but not a record yet as it has only been 10hrs.


It sounds like you need a battery! Being off-grid, it’s been years since I had a “blackout” (my wife and her mother tried to run every large appliance at once and the inverter dropped out for a short time due to high temperature, but now I have a larger inverter).
People talk about payback times for batteries still being quite high, but what is a freezer full of food worth? Around here the grid power has gone off for up to 2 days after storms in recent years.


On to it.
We use gas for HW and cooking, with LED lighting.
So we just need to run our high star rated fridge/freezer, house pump and UV filter ideally.

We have signed for a PV system still grid connected. All the offers to include battery were unrealistic.
I’m on plan “B” with a small inverter and battery dedicated to the three essentials only.
As a separate circuit this also gets safely around the anti islanding requirements.

Off grid will come when the budget is ready for it.