4WD Supacentre Data Policies


Has anyone dealt with 4WD Supacentre ?

I find they were sending marketing emails multiple times every day of lengths significantly longer that dozen scrolls, in most cases google mail and outlook leave a warning email too long view online option.

I unsubscribed a couple times, it took 3 times actually it kept sending after Unsubscribe successful
was all gone for couple weeks

then today
they put the effort to re-register my email as a new customer

not just that but they registered a second mailing subscription to an ebay generated email address (xxxx.member@ebay.com.au)

I wonder what the legality of the manner they are hoarding my personal data and then using it in unknown manner

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They have a very high rating based on a very high number of reviews on Product Review.

However, they were taken to task by the ACCC for deceptive and misleading conduct.