3-in-1 Bathroom Exhaust Fan, Light, Heater

Hi All,
Wondering if anyone has any recommendations (or avoid/stay away from) on a 3-in-1 Bathroom Exhaust Fan, Light & Heater? Choice have not undertaken a review to date, and wondered if anyone on this forum has undertaken their own independent review or experience in a product.
I am after something that has a powerful extraction rate and have no idea where to start.
Many thanks


Hi @JenD, welcome to the community.

I have posted some comment here which may be useful to you:

We have 5 of the IXL Tastic Easy Duct Sensation. They work well. the only negative is they are hard to clean when dust accumulates within the unit. Being a moist environment, attract dust from the air and fluff from towels and need a clean out every year or so.


Is the intended purchase a replacement of like for like or upgrade?

The National building code requires a minimum of 25l/s (litres per second) air extraction rate for bathrooms. Reputable products will specify the flow rate and code/standards compliance. Note building and construction compliance is a state/territory responsibility.

The nominal airflow rates vary between brands and within a brands product range.
IXL branded products,
Ventilation Update in Australia NCC Compliance 2019

If there is a ventilation issue that needs to be resolved, does it require additional consideration?

  • There are experts who recommend higher minimum exhaust air flow rates than the NCC to reduce condensation issues as bathroom size increases.
  • Upgrades to roof insulation can change a roof cavity into an unventilated roof space which can result in condensation and mould issues.
  • A common solution is a ducted vent fan. There are models with provision for a ducted connection, and importantly a fan design to deliver the air flow required at a higher operating pressure.
  • A particular product may provide good ventilation in one owners experience but be unsuitable for another because of differences in the homes.

We have an IXL Tastic installed about 15 years ago when our bathroom was renovated. It is the type with four heat lamps, that can be switched on two-at-a-time.
We found that the heat lamps were not only good at heating but also produced a lot of white light - too much for our bathroom which was lit up like a stadium. I replaced the lamps with red glass ones ( like you’ll often see in reptile enclosures at the zoo ) for the same amount of heat without the blinding brightness.
I also fitted a louvred vent into the bottom of the bathroom door to improve airflow. ( I could also have just trimmed some off the bottom of the door for the same result )
Just like @phb, we have found it needs a good annual clean to get the dust out.


I have a, 2 pair of heat lamp ive never been sure if it has an, exhaust /extraction outlet it just, seems to go into the ceiling. Xan get dusty hqrd to clean it properly usually remove dust from the grill part.