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24 Android Apps you need to remove urgently



There is a list of Apps that need to be removed if you have them on your Android phone. The Apps contain what is being called “the Joker”:

Advocate Wallpaper
Age Face
Altar Message
Antivirus Security - Security Scan
Beach Camera
Board picture editing
Certain Wallpaper
Climate SMS
Collate Face Scanner
Cute Camera
Dazzle Wallpaper
Declare Message
Display Camera
Great VPN
Humour Camera
Ignite Clean
Leaf Face Scanner
Mini Camera
Print Plant scan
Rapid Face Scanner
Reward Clean
Ruddy SMS
Soby Camera
Spark Wallpaper

They have been removed from the Google Play Store already but if you have installed them you will need to remove them.

The background process of these Apps silently signs the user up to premium services and then captures the SMS authorisation code and installs it without your knowledge. It also will spy on your data.

There may be more of the Apps that need to be removed as the Google Store Apps are vetted. To read more about the problem see: