1st Choice Liquor (lack of) Customer Service

Hi, I thought I would recount an experience I had with 1st Choice Liquor. I purchased a carton of Sapporo beer (full strength 5.0% alc) for the Grand Final weekend. Sitting back watching the Grand Final I noticed that this beer was definitely not full strength. If it was I would not have been able to get off the couch! Rather than interrupt my viewing, I choose to continue drinking the off beer. My point is this though, I returned to the store where this was originally purchased from to complain & was told it was not their “product” and if I had an issue to contact the supplier. I then wrote an email to 1st Choice customer service. No reply was received. So today I rang them and was told:

  1. It was my responsibility to contact the supplier if I was not satisfied with the product. The example I was given was that if I had a problem with Morning Fresh detergent from their supermarket business they would not address it but refer me to the supplier in this instance as well.
  2. My claim was unverified and could not be proven.

As I had consumed the product and didn’t have a receipt I can’t get too hung up about it. What does concern me is that the store and Company took absolutely no responsibility for the quality of the product. I said I had one bottle left if they wanted to check but no, that would be at my expense. Why do they have “Customer Care” when they clearly don’t care and simply want to brush off adverse comment and take no action when a product is not as advertised?


Hi @Albie,
It’s a shame you didn’t receive better treatment. If you still have the bottle and you know somebody who home brews beer, you could test the alcohol volume yourself using a hydrometer.

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Thanks Brendon, I did have one once when I was brewing my own. For the small amount of money involved it’s not worth the hassle. It’s the principle that bugs me.

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All good, thanks for posting your experience :wink: