13Cabs is NOT Wheelchair Accessible despite their heavy promotion

When one logs onto 13Cabs, the option to book a wheelchair accessible maxi-taxi is front and centre. It promotes its association with the NDIS. However it appears that the company has perhaps zero Wheelchair taxis. They will not come clean on how many they have in their fleet and will not guarantee anything from one moment to the next. So contrary to their jingle - “Anytime, Anywhere, 13Cabs will get you there!” - that does not apply to our wheelchair bound citizens who are left stranded, abandoned, discarded, treated with disdain, while the company polishes up its Disability credentials. It is so very very wrong. And when one complains, nasty Judith from Customer Care is incredibly aggressive and unapologetic. False and misleading advertising of the worst kind. This should be investigated because if they can’t “pick up and deliver” they should not pretend to be able to do so. I might also mention that we live close to the centre of Sydney - not in a small country town. However all citizens no matter where they live should not be promised a service they cannot possibly expect to receive.
13Cabs has a big thick black cross through it.


Who would you choose other than 13CABS as a personal transport service provider for your location?

Are there two concerns to discuss?
One being the availability of accessible transport.
The other the capacity to meet peak demands of all users.

Others might also be able to comment on how the fare subsidy scheme/s work or don’t work for their part of the nation. The experiences of others we know from having family locally in aged care reflect a lack of accessible transport services and reliability even when pre-booked.

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Perhaps a third, that being truth in advertising that apparently over-promises what can be delivered.

As an NDIS transport provider for more than 5 years, we have a specialised team ready to assist you with your transport needs.

Most taxi and ride share users learn there is not an infinite number of cabs waiting, nor is there an infinite number of wheelchair taxis, yet there is an implied ability to serve those who need them. One may wonder what the specialised team does in the context of providing timely (or at all) services to NDIS and wheelchair bound customers.

Exactly. Their advertising doe not include ‘best endeavours’ or similar. It is possible every bullet point on this page is accurate

even though they may not have much or any capacity in many places. A dedicated team can do zip when there is nothing/no driver/no specialised vehicle to take a job.

Anecdotal reports include claims booked requests are often ignored or unfulfilled without any notification to the waiting customer. That would be more serious for anyone needing special arrangements.