11 common coffee machine mistakes you might be making

When it comes to coffee, I’m of the opinion that no one does it better than Australians. We have high standards when it comes to taste and unique brewing methods, and in Melbourne, we have more cafes per capita than anywhere else in the world.

It’s no wonder that coffee machines are one of our most popular reviews at CHOICE (member content). However, if you’re into making coffee at home, make sure you don’t make these rookie errors seen in the article below.

Do you have tips for making the perfect cup at home? We’d love to hear them, leave a comment below.


I’m a happy user of the inexpensive Sunbeam Mini Barista. Firstly, having studied the maintenance tips, it’s a no-brainer to avoid scale by using only filtered water. Secondly, pre-warm the cup with water from the kettle or (as I have now settled on) steam the milk in a cup and add the coffee last.


Thanks for sharing! I’ve recently bought a coffee maker Cuisinart and also purchased beans, but as it turned out, they were old, they didn’t even smell like coffee, and they tasted like a rag. The article is really useful, thank you.

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Its taken me years t realise I simply do not like espresso style coffee. Nor do I like Turkish. Its filter coffee for me. But even then, the machine makes a difference. So of course does the coffee you put in it. I buy pre-ground and keep that in an airtight jar in the fridge… it does keep longer that way.

So the mistakes I might have made with my espresso machine were less of an influence than not liking how it turned out, no matter who made it. Also, as a diabetic, I should not have it: all that frothed milk is chockers full of carbs… I indulge a love of cream for my coffee :slight_smile: