10 things you didn't know you can do with instant coffee

Could your cooking benefit from a little instant coffee seasoning? Check out these unusual instant coffee hacks.

Would you try any of these recipe alterations?


For us as non coffee imbibers (of any type) the addition would not benefit us but for those who like their coffee or don’t mind using it then it could add additional and interesting flavour to many dishes.

It is I think similar in concept to adding chocolate or cocoa to dishes to enhance the flavour even with savoury ones. See https://www.tasteofhome.com/collection/savory-chocolate-recipes/ for some examples. Some of these also include the addition of Coffee to add flavours and colour.

It is interesting how things that we have become used to using in certain “conventional” ways have other uses that add benefits we previously did not consider or have long ceased using in those other ways.


Had to look away at the recipes which add instant coffee to tomato sauce or steaks.

Have seen ads for caffeine enriched shampoos claiming to stop hair loss;
and face and eye creams with the ‘powerful’ anti wrinkle caffeine.

But I have been using instant coffee in baking, biscuits and cakes, and in custards and in icing, for many years:
it’s an alternative to chocolate or vanilla etc., and it adds a full flavour that not even a strong shot of espresso can match, because of the water content.

I’ll drink that myself :wink: