0397739103 Telstra impostors

Have been receiving calls on the number in the header . Put it in the title so it will hopefully come up in the search engine if other forum users search for that number .

They say they are from Telstra and that :

1 ) Your internet will be disconnected .

2 ) You have been moved from a private to a public network

3 ) You have been hacked and "they " know how to fix it .

Good number to put on the blocked calls list


I find it of little use to put numbers on the blocked calls list because the scammers change numbers every time.
I just don’t answer any number that is not on my phone’s Phone Book and a name that I know shows on the ID screen.
And in case the number is unknown to me but it is a genuine call, they will leave a message, unlike scammers who usually do not, unless it’s something silly like:
Your phone will be disconnected…
or: there’s a warrant out for your arrest…


I no longer maintain a blocked caller list. Theres over 400 on mine, it just gets crazy, so I let Hiya and Truecaller manage mine


I have been doing exactly the same thing and the caller never leaves a message. I think I had three such calls in one day recently


They have been calling me over and over for a number of months now. No one in my house (except sometimes for optimistic me) answers the home phone as 99% of calls received are scams or fantastic offers I can live without. The answering machine catches the remaining 1%. Still find it annoying.


For little or no cost (there is a free version) you can download an app “Should I Answer?” which allows you to view any number, other users comments on it, and then label it as spam, nuisance etc etc etc. I don’t answer any calls from numbers that aren’t in my contacts list, and if no message is left I definitely never return a call to any number either. In that way I avoid a lot of telemarketers, politicians and other unwanted nuisance calls.


It’s totally pointless reporting or blocking these numbers, as they’re changing constantly.
What it needs is for ACMA, the useless mob who run the totally ineffectual DoNotCall register, to clamp down on the spoofing of local numbers by overseas call centres.
Surely, the technology for preventing this and for showing the true country of origin of any incoming call can’t be that difficult. As they say, it ain’t rocket surgery.

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It would be nice if that was true but I can’t find anybody who says they have a simple, comprehensive and affordable solution, can you?

This article suggests to me that the mitigation (not cure) solutions to SPIT attacks are roundabout and inefficient.

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Using IP address will only be a short term solution…until the scammers use Australian hosted VPNs.

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There are reverse phone number websites where you can look at other people’s comments re each phone number. Eg. https://www.reverseaustralia.com/ The phone number above shows up as a “Telstra” scam.

This is not certain to be of any use as the numbers your phone reports for these people are manufactured. They may create a new one every day and often do. Unless those reporting them on such web sites are quick and diligent you will get a large number of false negatives.

A much quicker and more reliable way to decide is to listen for standard elements in their script combined with the noisy background and foreign accents of an overseas phone farm. You could also employ one of several methods to just not answer numbers you don’t recognise.